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Chamber Music Concert/Recital (indoor)
PMF Ensemble Concert

This performance has ended

*Change of performers
PMF Section Leaders Makiko Yamada (viola) and Tetsuya Cho (bassoon), both of whom were scheduled to perform on this concert, have been forced to cancel their participation. PMF AMERICA faculty members Daniel Foster (viola) and Daniel Matsukawa (bassoon) will perform in their place. We are grateful for their generous offer on such short notice.


July 28 (Thu), 2022


Doors open
Concert starts


◆Bach (arr. G. Cincievski):
Goldberg Variations, BWV 988

[ca. 20 minutes]
 Aria / Var 1 Polonaise / Var 3 / Var 5 / Var 7 / Var 13 / Var 14 /
 Var 16 Overture / Var 18 / Var 25 / Var 27 / Var 30 / Aria
Denis Bouriakov, flute 
  Daniel Foster, viola
  Mantaro Jo, double bass 

◆Akira Nishimura:
EKTĀL for three marimba players & two percussionists

[ca. 8 minutes]
  Paul Matthews, marimba
  Joseph Pereira, marimba
  Eric Piekara, marimba
  Luca Esposito, percussion
  Mátyás Holló, percussion
- Intermission -
Trio for flute, oboe, and piano

[ca. 17 minutes]
 Molto moderato
 Allegretto con spirito
 Allegro scherzando
Denis Bouriakov, flute
  Ami Kaneko, oboe
  Akiko Sakuma, piano

◆Rossini (arr. F. Berr):
Sonata for Wind Quartet No. 4 in B-flat major

[ca. 12 minutes]
 Allegro vivace

  Nao (Mikihiro) Nozu, flute
  Takako Umemoto, clarinet
  Daniel Matsukawa, bassoon
  Jonathan Hammill, horn

Oboe Quartet, H. 315

[ca. 13 minutes]
 Moderato poco allegro
 Adagio - Andante 
 Poco allegro

 PMF Section Leaders
  Ami Kaneko, oboe
  Nana Hayashi, violin
  Wataru Mukai, cello
  Akiko Sakuma, piano
- Duration: c. 90 minutes (with intermission) -


Desigrated seat: 2,000
U25: 1,000


*Program and artists are subject to change.

Agency for Cultural Affairs 2022
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, Fiscal Year 2022

Sponsoring Organizations: Pacific Music Festival Organizing Committee / City of Sapporo
Mutual Sponsor: Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara

Pacific Music Festival Organizing Committee

This performance has ended

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