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Concerning Use of the Site

This website is operated by Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Pacific Music Festival Organizing Committee (hereafter "the Committee"). The following terms and conditions apply to all use of this website.

Regarding Copyrights

Unauthorized reprinting of any of the materials published on this site, including but not limited to written and photographic materials, is strictly prohibited. The copyrights for all materials published on this site belong to the Committee and/or information providers and/or publishers. Usage in violation of the Japanese Copyright Act (private use limitations described in article 30, section 1 of the Copyright Act), including unauthorized reproduction, duplication, sale or rental, is prohibited.

Regarding Trademark Rights

All rights relating to trademarks of materials published on this website (including service marks, trademarks, brand names, logos, etc., regardless of trademark registration status) belong to the Committee or those to whom the Committee has given rights of use. Use without express permission of the rights holder is prohibited.

Regarding suspension of service and changes to the site

The Committee may suspend services without advance notice due to system maintenance or failure, fire or blackout, natural disasters including earthquakes, or if deemed necessary in accordance with lawful orders or requests from courts, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Police Department, or other public authorities, or if necessary due to maintenance or any other need of the Committee. In addition, the Committee is under no circumstances responsible for any damage or loss, nor is it obligated to make any reparations or compensations of any costs incurred by the user as a result of suspension of services. Also, please note that the Committee may change the content or web-address (URL) of this website, or discontinue or altogether remove services provided on this website without advance notice.


This website is committed to providing current and accurate information, but the Committee can make no guarantees concerning the integrity, reliability, accuracy, etc. of the data herein, whether express or implied. Also, the Committee is by no means responsible for any damages caused by use any data on this website.

Regarding links on this website

This website contains links to other websites, but the Committee cannot make any guarantees concerning the content or function of those sites, nor is it responsible for them in any way.As a general principle, linking to this site is permitted and there is no need to contact the Committee in order to do so. However, websites to which any of the following pertain may not post links to this website. If such links are found, the Committee reserves the right to request the removal of said links by administrators of the websites, blogs, or other sites and/or administrators of the servers on which said websites or pages exist.

  1. Content in violation of public order or morality.
  2. Content that corresponds to violation of law.
  3. Content slandering the Committee or entities related to the Committee.
  4. Content in violation or potential violation of the intellectual property rights, rights to usage of one's likeness, rights to privacy, or other rights of the Committee or third parties.
  5. Other content that can be objectively determined to be damaging to the value of the Committee.

Regarding the Use of Social Media

Please carefully read the following terms of use concerning the use of social media* accounts (hereafter "the Services") administratively managed by the Committee. If you do not agree to any of these terms, we ask that you refrain from use of the Services provided by the Committee. Use of the Services managed by the Committee without first having read the terms of use listed below (hereafter "Terms of Use") will be regarded as indicative of the user's agreement with them, even if expressly declared otherwise by said user.

* "Social media" here indicates services such as blogs, Social Networking Services (SNS), video sharing websites, etc., that allow social exchange of its users through the uploading of information.

Terms of Use

Compliance with this Agreement

Users of any of the Services provided by the Committee (hereafter "Users") are required to comply with the usage agreements as they are defined by each applicable social media service in addition to the usage agreement defined for the Committee's Services. "Usage of the Services" refers to use by uploading, commenting, or by any other means.

Acquisition of Basic Information

When Users register for use of the Services, they are granting permission to access all User information made public, including names, profile pictures, genders, networks, user IDs, friend-lists, etc., and all use will be regarded as indicative of the User's agreement with this social media's usage agreement.

Concerning Copyrights

Any copyrights or other rights (including moral rights of the copyright holder, hereafter as well) on User-uploaded content belong to said User, but it is assumed that upon uploading the User grants consent to the Committee and/or the world to usage (including the rights to processing, excerpting, replicating, publishing, editing, translating, etc., as detailed in articles 27 and 28 of the Japanese Copyright Act) at no cost and on a non-exclusive basis, and that no copyrights, moral copyright-holder rights, rights to usage of one's likeness, etc., will be exercised against the Committee.

Suspension or Termination of Service

The Services may be suspended or terminated by the Committee without advance notice to the Users. The Committee is not under any circumstances obligated to compensate for any damages, losses, or expenses incurred by the User as a result of such suspension or termination.


If damage is somehow caused to a third party through the use of the Services by a User or Users, it is understood that said Users will be responsible for and/or make compensation for financial damages, or will otherwise resolve all disputes with said third party. The Committee will not under any circumstances be responsible for any damage incurred to Users of the Service, or to third parties, that arises from or is related to information provided by any User. The User assumes full responsibility for perusal or usage of information provided by other Users in connection with the Service, and the Committee makes no guarantees concerning the reliability, accuracy, credibility, non-infringement of the rights of others, legality, etc. regarding uploaded User-content.


If the Committee judges any actions to be potentially disruptive to the general order of the Service, it reserves the right to delete information or content posted on any site by Users of the Services, to block access and/or permission to contribute to the Committee's accounts, or to take any other necessary measures, without any advance notification. The Committee will not be responsible for any damages incurred to the User as a result of the Committee taking such measures.