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The deadline for PMF 2017 auditions has passed.


  • When can I apply for the next season?

    The next season's Audition Information will be announced in early November on this web site, and we will then begin accepting online applications.

  • How do I apply for the PMF Academy?

    Access "Acceptd" online, and create your own personal "Acceptd" account. Sign in to "Acceptd," complete your online application form, and choose an Academy (Orchestra / Conducting / Vocal), filling in all required information. Upload your recorded audition materials.

  • Do I need to send my CV?

    You do not need to send your CV. You only need to fill in the online application form.

  • I need to cancel my application. What should I do?

    Please send an email to the PMF Organizing Committee, with the subject "Cancellation." Please write your name, and the program you applied to (for the Orchestra Academy, please also write your instrument). Please note that the usage fee for the application site is nonrefundable.

  • Can you provide me with the parts/scores listed in the audition repertoire?

    The PMF Organizing Committee cannot send parts/scores. Please ask a teacher, orchestral librarian, or friend, or check at your conservatory/school library.

  • I am not sure what "Standard Concerto" means.

    "Standard" here generally indicates a piece that is played often. If you cannot decide whether the piece you have chosen is considered to be "standard," email with the title of the piece that you intend to play.

  • Are auditions free?

    There is no audition fee and creating your own "Acceptd" account is free, but a $30 USD usage fee will be incurred when submitting your online application. This usage fee must be paid with a credit card. Applicants are responsible for any and all expenses related to preparation of application materials (video recordings, etc.).

  • I don't own a credit card. Can I pay by some other means?

    No form of payment aside from a credit card will be accepted. However, the credit card does not have to be the applicant's own.

  • Which credit cards will be accepted?

    VISA, Master Card, DISCOVER, American Express and JCB credit cards will be accepted.

  • Do I need to pay any tuition fees if I have been selected to join the festival? Are there any scholarships available?

    There are neither tuition fees nor therefore scholarships available if you are selected to join the festival. The PMF Organizing Committee will arrange a round trip between the city where you currently live and Sapporo, Japan, and cover all tuition, accommodations, and meals (excluding the tour), for the duration of the festival. Please contact us in advance concerning vegetarian and other special meal needs.

  • When will I know the result of my audition?

    Audition results will be announced by email in late February.


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