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Purchasing Tickets

PMF 2017 ticket sales
Starting April 29 (Sat)

Where can tickets be purchased?

Purchasing at thePMF Organizing Committee

PMF Online Box Office

Tickets can be purchased from outside Japan! (See conditions below)

  • Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, Main Hall
  • Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, Small Hall
  • Sapporo Art Park Outdoor Stage
  • Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
  • Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

Available 24 hours a day until 4 days prior to the concert in question
Please understand that you will be assigned a designated seat according to your purchased ticket-type.

*General ticket sales start at 10:00 JST on the first day.

*The system will be closed for maintenance every Tuesday and Wednesday from 14:30-17:30 JST.

*Tickets for some concerts are not available online.

*Student discounts do not apply.

*Excluding concerts in Hakodate, Naie, Obihiro, Tomakomai and Kiyota Ward in Sapporo.


Credit cards VISA, Master Card

*Special sales fee: 700 yen per ticket

Receiving your tickets

Will Call
("Will Call" signifies picking up tickets at the venue on the day of the concert after purchasing online.)

*Tickets can also be purchased from within Japan. See this page for details (Japanese only).

STEP 1Reservations

At Ticket Counter

Tickets can be purchased directly at the PMF Organizing Committee in Sapporo.

STEP 2Payment
  • Cash
  • Ticket-voucher coupons
  • Automatic withdrawal from your bank account* “PMF Friends” members only
STEP 3Receiving your tickets
  • Counter
  • Counter
  • Counter By Mail
STEP 1Reservations

By Phone※ “PMF Friends” members only

PMF Organizing Committee
011-242-2211 (Weekdays 9:00-17:30)

STEP 2Payment
  • Cash
  • Ticket-voucher coupons
  • Automatic withdrawal from your bank account* “PMF Friends” members only
  • Funds transfer
  • Cash on delivery (Post Office)
STEP 3Receiving your tickets
  • Counter
  • Counter
  • By Mail Counter
  • By Mail
  • By Mail

Purchasing atTicket Agencies

STEP 1ReservationsSTEP 2Payment

Please pay according to the specifications of each ticket agency.

Ticket Agencies

STEP 3Receiving your tickets
  • Ticket Agencies
  • By Mail
  • Conv.

Purchasing Day-of Tickets※ Only available at certain venues

STEP 1Reservations

At ticket counters where Day-of Tickets are sold

Details such as whether or not Day-of Tickets are available and when they go on sale are announced on this website (and elsewhere) on the day before each concert. Please understand that in some cases you will not be able to choose your seats.

STEP 2Payment
  • Cash
  • Ticket-voucher coupons
STEP 3Receiving your tickets

Receive your tickets at the concert venue

  • Group Discounts

    Group discounts (10%) are applicable on purchases of 10 or more tickets per concert. If interested, please contact the PMF Organizing Committee.
  • Student Discounts

    Student IDs are necessary in order to receive student discounts. Also, the ticket agencies that offer student discounts are limited. For details please see the Ticket Agencies page.
  • Final Day of Advance-Ticket Sales

    The final day of advance-ticket sales differs according to your purchasing method. For details please see the Ticket Agencies page.
  • Ticket Sales for Concerts in Greater Hokkaido

    Tickets go on sale on different days for different concerts in Hokkaido outside Sapporo. For details on any concert, please check its relevant page on this site, or contact its organizers directly.
  • Ticket-Voucher Coupons

    “Ticket-voucher coupons” are coupons that can be used to purchase PMF 2017 tickets and other items, geared toward use by companies and organizations. They may be used in conjunction with cash.