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Privacy Policy

1. Basic Premise

At the Pacific Music Festival (hereinafter referred to as "PMF"), we collect information from everyone using the official Website of the Pacific Music Festival (hereinafter referred to as "the Site") in areas necessary to the smooth operation of the services (such as registering applications to Educational Seminars) provided by the Site. Information acquired will be handled appropriately within the scope of the purposes of use.

2. Scope of Information Acquisition

We automatically collect and store Internet domain names, IP addresses, information about access to the Site (i.e. the date and time you access the Site and the pages you visit), and so on.
On the Educational Seminar pages, users are asked to submit information necessary to registering for these programs, including name and contact address.
The email addresses of users who submit the above forms and send emails from the Inquiries page are displayed upon their receipt.

3. Use of Access-Analysis Tools

In order to provide the best possible service, this site gathers and analyzes user-access information through services provided by Google Inc. to better understand how users interact with the site.

About Google Analytics
Google Analytics makes use of cookies to analyze user operation of this site. The information gathered does not include anything that could personally identify users. The gathered user logs are managed in accordance with the privacy policy of Google Inc.
About Cookies
Cookies are data files with the ability to analyze from which terminal and how this site is viewed, used in part to maintain users' page transitions, allowing provision of user-customizable pages. Users cannot be personally identified with this data file.
For more information on Google Analytics and the Google Inc. privacy policy see the following pages:

Official Google Analytics Site

Google Analytics Privacy Policy

4. Purposes of Use

The acquired information detailed in 2. I. will be used only for internal assessment purposes and for managing the Site.
The acquired information detailed in 2. II. will be used, as stated in the above Scope of Information Acquisition, to make necessary contact and send postal mail, and for the smooth operation of the services provided by the Site.
We will respond appropriately to the acquired information detailed in 2. III. and use the it as a reference for future festival operation. Email addresses and other contact information will be used to reply as needed.

5. Limitations on Use and Provision

Except in cases of legal disclosure requests, illegal access, threats, or other unlawful acts or exceptional cases, information acquired by the PMF Organizing Committee will not be used for any purposes other than those described in the above Purposes of Use, nor will it be provided to any third party.
However, please understand that it may become available to some third party when postal mailing services are used to respond to inquiries.

6. Measures to Ensure Security

PMF takes the measures necessary to manage acquired information appropriately to prevent its leakage, loss, or destruction.

7. Disclosure of Personal Information

We only respond to requests for disclosure of personal information if the information requested is that of the person making the request.

8. Limitations of Guarantee and Liability

Use of the Site is entirely the responsibility of the user. PMF will assume no responsibility, nor provide any compensation, for any issues that arise from any information obtained from the Site, or from any other websites that link to this Site.

9. Scope of Application

This privacy policy applies only to the Site.


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