PMF EUROPE is comprised of players from 2 leading European orchestras, with string players from the Wiener Philharmoniker along with winds, brass, and percussion players from the Berliner Philharmoniker. Though unable to be with the PMF Orchestra in person this year, they will instruct members of the Academy one-on-one online. In addition, faculty ensembles in their respective locations will record performance videos, and these “digital concerts” will be streamed on the PMF website.

Rainer Küchl, violin / former concertmaster of the Wiener Phiharmoniker
Daniel Froschauer, violin / Wiener Philharmoniker
Heinrich Koll, viola / former principal of the Wiener Philharmoniker
Stefan Gartmayer, cello / Wiener Philharmoniker
Michael Bladerer, double bass / Wiener Philharmoniker

Andreas Blau, flute / former principal of the Berliner Philharmoniker
Jonathan Kelly, oboe / Berliner Philharmoniker
Alexander Bader, clarinet / Berliner Philharmoniker
Mor Biron, bassoon / Berliner Philharmoniker
Sarah Willis, horn / Berliner Philharmoniker
Tamás Velenczei, trumpet / Berliner Philharmoniker
Jesper Busk Sørensen, trombone / Berliner Philharmoniker