PMF 2014 concerts in Sapporo conclude with this famous outdoor concert!

The final PMF 2014 concert in Sapporo is the Picnic Concert, which takes place at the Sapporo Art Park Outdoor Stage, starting at midday and continuing into the evening. With non-designated seating on the lawn, feel free to lie down in the grass or enjoy a boxed lunch and drinks if you like. Soak in the music in any way you please. All ages are welcome to attend, from babies to adults (middle school-age children and younger attend for free). The concert will still be held in the event of a little rain, and we recommend the non-designated seats with umbrellas for those concerned about the sun or rain.
The program is highly varied, continuing on the heels of the previous day"s PMF GALA Concert. The lineup is irresistible from start to finish, including Tadaaki Otaka conducting opera overtures with the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra, the PMF AMERICA Talk Concert (featuring interesting talks between pieces), classical selections that you"ve likely heard before, pieces brimming with high-level technique, a chorus comprised of everyone in attendance - the list goes on and on. Then, the chain of unwaveringly inspired performances unbroken, the concert will conclude with Yutaka Sado conducting the PMF Orchestra, with the curtain closing only as night falls.