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12Music Education & Outreach
PMF 2015 Link Up Concert

This music education program aimed at elementary school children, developed by New York's Carnegie Hall, was implemented in Japan last year for the first time. Children, having learned the music on recorders in classes prior to the concert, will enjoy playing along with the PMF Orchestra, as well as the imagery and narration presented by the MC. It promises to be a truly eye-opening experience for the participating Sapporo City elementary school sixth graders.

Kanae Kushima, MC/soprano *PMF 2014 Kanae Kushima, MC/soprano *PMF 2014

Ayaka Anazawa, sopranoShingo Takabatake, tenor Ayaka Anazawa, soprano
Shingo Takabatake, tenor


July 21 (Tue), 2015


14:00 (doors open at 13:30)


665 sixth graders from 10 Sapporo City elementary schools
 Sapporo Sakaenishi Elementary School (in Higashi Ward)
 Sapporo Higashikawashimo Elementary School (in Shiroishi Ward)
 Sapporo Kyoei Elementary School (in Atsubetsu Ward)
 Sapporo Tsukisamu Elementary School (in Toyohira Ward)
 Sapporo Higashiyama Elementary School (in Toyohira Ward)
 Sapporo Sumikawanishi Elementary School (in Minami Ward)
 Sapporo Makomanaikoen Elementary School (in Minami Ward)
 Sapporo Seien Elementary School (in Nishi Ward)
 Sapporo Hassamu Elementary School (in Nishi Ward)
 Sapporo Yamanote Special Support Education School (in Nishi Ward)
Daniel Matsukawa, conductor
Kanae Kushima, MC / soprano
Sayaka Anazawa, soprano
Shingo Takabatake, tenor
PMF Orchestra


Thomas Cabaniss: Come to Play
Beethoven: 'Ode to Joy' from Symphony No. 9
Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
Dvořák: 'Going Home' from the 2nd movement, and the 4th movement, from Symphony No. 9 "From the New World"
Stravinsky: Finale from the "Firebird Suite"
Teiichi Okano: Furusato ("Home Country")
and more

(with large-screen visuals)

Yen, incl. tax

(Free seating in designated 2nd-floor blocks)


・Elementary school students perform alongside the PMF Orchestra, presenting melodies learned in classes in advance. Please note that this concert has an entirely different format from usual PMF performances.

・Admission will be closed when full capacity is reached.

・All ages are welcome, including small children.

Pacific Music Festival Organizing Committee +81-11-242-2211

[Attendees] 1,087

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