Through the advocacy of leading 20th century conductor, composer, and educator Leonard Bernstein, as well as through a series of coincidences - even miracles - and ultimately through the tremendous efforts of a great many people, the first Pacific Music Festival (PMF) was held in 1990 in Sapporo. Now PMF has reached its milestone 30th anniversary, having sent some 3,500 musicians out into the world. Thanks to the gracious support of so many people like you, this festival has created quite a legacy!
And in light of this milestone anniversary, we have officially changed the name of the festival to include the word "Sapporo."

Upon the sudden death of Leonard Bernstein in the autumn of PMF's first year, the late Mr. Takeshi Itagaki, then Mayor of Sapporo, declared his decision "to fulfill Mr. Bernstein's wish and hold the Pacific Music Festival every year in my city of Sapporo." Truly, Sapporo has always been at the heart of PMF's implementation.
As for me, I am filled with gratitude for the people of Sapporo and the world who have continuously supported the festival, and it is with an eye on the future, as a representative of the citizens of this city, that I have now made the decision to officially include Sapporo in the festival's name.

Though it will bear the city's name, PMF remains an international educational music festival, and it will continue to foster the young musicians of the world who will lead the next generation, contributing to the development of the arts and to society at large, thereby contributing to world peace.

Thank you for your continued unwavering support for PMF. It is my sincere wish that PMF will be even more beloved by all of you at its 40th and 50th anniversaries, and far beyond.
But first, let's enjoy the 30th Pacific Music Festival, Sapporo to the fullest.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Katsuhiro Akimoto