Since 2016, PMF has presented ‘PMF Music School’ performances as part of the “Gakko de Culture” program – cultural activities at public elementary schools sponsored by Sapporo City’s Cultural Promotion Section. This year’s ‘Music School’ concerts began in October and will be held at 9 schools through December.

The 45-minute program features varied repertoire performed by an ensemble of violin, piano, woodwind quintet, and percussion, with brief explanations of each instrument, quiz sessions allowing students and performers to communicate during the program, and opportunities for several students to conduct the ensemble. Most of the schools choose to present this program live to 5th and 6th graders, and some schools also livestream the program to the classrooms of younger students.

This program offers invaluable opportunities for children to experience live music, which have been all too rare in our pandemic era.

Oct. 15 (Fri) Minamino-sawa Elementary School
Oct. 21 (Thu) Inazumi Elementary School
Oct. 21 (Thu) Sankakuyama Elementary School
Oct. 22 (Fri) Maeda Chuo Elementary School
Oct. 25 (Mon) Sapporo Elementary School
Oct. 25 (Mon) Hokko Elementary School
Nov. 9 (Tue) Seien Elementary School
Nov. 9 (Tue) Tomioka Elementary School
Dec. 15 (Wed) Hakuyo Elementary School

■Kana Kobayashi
 (violin / PMF 2006, 10)
■Akiko Murakami (piano)
■Erika Mikami (piano)
■Minako Hachijo
 (flute / PMF 1998, 99)
■Chisato Okamoto (oboe)
■Ikumi Kita (clarinet)
■Megumi Matsumura (horn)
■Nami Hamada (bassoon)
■Tatsuya Shirato
 (percussion / PMF 2011)

■ Elgar: Salut d'amour [violin and piano]
■ Falla (trans. Kreisler): ‘Danse Espagnole’ from “De La Vida Breve”
          [violin, piano, castanets]
■ Ibert : ‘Assez lent, allegro scherzando’ and ‘Allegro’ from “Trois pieces breves pour quintette”
■ Bizet: Prelude to Act I from “Carmen”
   [violin, wind quintet, percussion]
■ Eugene Novotney: A Minute of News [snare drum solo]
■ J. Strauss: Radetzky March [violin, woodwind quintet, snare drum, piano]

In advance of each program, PMF provides schools with a promotional video and “PMF Story” pamphlets featuring an illustrated account of the life of Leonard Bernstein and his founding of the festival, giving students a simple overview of the international educational Pacific Music Festival.

"PMF Story" pamphlet

Introducing the wind instruments

Conducting the ensemble (Minaminosawa Elementary)

Conducting the ensemble (Seien Elementary)

Conducting the ensemble (Sankakuyama Elementary)

Conducting the ensemble (Tomioka Elementary)

Snare drum solo (Hokko Elementary)