In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, still ongoing in so many parts of the world and with no clear end in sight, we have come to the painful decision to cancel the 2020 Pacific Music Festival.
The core of PMF is the Academy, and this year over 80% of the 72 young musicians selected through auditions happened to reside outside Japan. PMF conductors, faculty, and artists also are based primarily in Europe and the US.
We have closely watched the situation unfold in the world, and in addition to the ongoing spread of infections, there are also new and increasing restrictions on immigration to Japan from other countries. We simply cannot ensure that the members of the Academy, conductors, artists, or faculty will be able to travel to Sapporo, nor can we ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. There is no clear path forward.
We are sincerely sorry to the Academy members who were preparing to attend, and above all to the PMF fans who were looking forward to this summer's concerts. We truly hope for your understanding.
It is our belief that music is necessary, precisely in difficult times.
Let us look forward to meeting again next summer at PMF.
We are ever grateful for your unwavering support.
Pacific Music Festival Organizing Committee
PMF is now seeking donations toward the reopening of the festival in the summer of 2021, as we strive to ensure that the Academy members will once again be able to gather in Sapporo, learning their craft and sharing their music with the world. If you are able, we hope that you will consider making a donation here: (1).gif*Donations for reopening the festival in 2021 (June 2, 2020)