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Online Donations

The path to the reopening the festival

Since June 2, PMF has been accepting online donations in support of the reopening of the festival. The financial impact of PMF 2020’s cancellation has been drastic, and the path toward securing the funds necessary for implementing the festival next year still seems fraught with difficulty.

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On this site, we visualize that path by putting 1 puzzle-piece into place per 5,000-yen of donations. We simply hope to see as much of the puzzle as possible come together, reflecting the generosity and encouragement offered by supporters of PMF, as we share in the process of working toward the festival in 2021 together.


Current Donations:
1,862,000-yen from 118 donors

Completed Pictures

  • 写真:PMF VIENNA Concert
    PMF VIENNA Concert
  • 写真:Opening fanfare at the Sapporo Art Park Outdoor Stage gate
    Opening fanfare at the Sapporo Art Park Outdoor Stage gate
  • 写真:Picnic Concert
    Picnic Concert


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