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PMF Connects ~2020 Summer Festival~

A fictional place just outside Sapporo, under the same clear blue sky. In a clearing in a birch forest, tents of various sizes are set up, for a limited time only. This tent here will fit an entire orchestra! And that small one over there looks more suited for music lessons. There’s also a simple movie theater, and it looks like there’s even a bar. A fanfare rings through the air, and people are gathering around. From the edge of the forest some animals curiously look over the scene.
Now it’s time for you to enter and explore the festival for yourself!

Festival period: July 10 (Fri), 2020 - August 3 (Mon), 2020


The main stage at the 2020 Summer Festival will feature content related to the original PMF 2020 schedule, with video and audio of select performances by Academy and faculty members from recent years, and a variety of new contributions from PMF alumni currently active around the world. Relax and enjoy these programs from the comfort of your home! Lots of content is only available for a limited time, some even 1-day only, so don’t miss out!


In PMF Open Master Classes, faculty members teach music lessons to local Sapporo-university music majors. All past videos of these master classes will be available throughout the duration of the festival, not only featuring insights into instrumental technique, but also offering inspiration that has the potential to impact the way you view music! A portion of the PMF Link Up Concert, in which Sapporo 6th graders participate, will be also be online!

PMF Connects

The “PMF Connects” began on April 20, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, with hope for the future. Since then we have received over 100 performance videos from PMF alumni and faculty all over the world who share a belief in the power of music. These performances will be available throughout the 2020 Summer Festival!

Bar Classic

Step into “Bar Classic,” set up here in the in the forest for 1 month only. Enjoy the nice speakers and mood lighting, and join the customers who have gathered with glasses in hand to listen to the bartender’s regularly updated recommendations of past PMF performances. And there at the end of the counter is a bottle of Bernstein’s favorite scotch...


With ongoing limitations on international travel, artists who were unable to participate in the festival have kindly sent video messages of hope and encouragement, to tide us over until we can all meet again in Sapporo!

L.B. Statue

The statue of PMF-founder Leonard Bernstein, which normally stands in Nakajima Park in the heart of Sapporo, has moved out to the suburbs for the Summer Festival! Enjoy the natural beauty of Nakajima Park and the changes in Bernstein’s expression throughout the seasons!

Photo Spot

To give you a taste of the atmosphere of a PMF concert, we’ve created wallpapers for use on computers and more. We hope they call to mind the sound of applause, birds singing at an outdoor concert, and the dynamic presence of a once-in-a-lifetime PMF orchestra!

Online Donations

Since June 2, PMF has been accepting online donations in support of the reopening of the festival in 2021. The financial impact of PMF 2020’s cancellation has been drastic, and the path toward implementing the festival next year is still unclear.
On this site, we visualize that path by putting 1 puzzle-piece into place per 5,000-yen of donations. We hope to see as much of the puzzle as possible come together, reflecting the generosity and encouragement offered by supporters of PMF, as we share in the process of working toward the festival in 2021 together.