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PMF 2015 Educational Seminar

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, PMF 2020,
planned to be held from July 10 (Fri) to August 3 (Mon), has been cancelled.
For details see Regarding the Cancellation of PMF 2020.

Every year, Educational Seminars showcase some of PMF's unique characteristics through music-related lectures presented by PMF faculty and participating artists.

This year's Seminar will focus on the 3rd implementation of the PMF Link Up Concert (Sat., July 21), a concert for elementary aged children.

Anyone of high school age or above engaged in or interested in music education can register to attend..

PMF 2014 Link Up ConcertPMF 2014 Link Up Concert

PMF 2015 Educational Seminar
- Musical Experience: Link Up and Beyond


  • Daniel MatsukawaDaniel Matsukawa
  • Kanae KushimaKanae Kushima

Tuesday, July 21
1) 14:00-15:15 PMF 2015 Link Up Concert (Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara)
2) 16:00-17:00 PMF Link Up and Music Education (Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara)

Learn about the significance of the Link Up Concert and the current state of music education with comments and analysis of the concert featuring Daniel Matsukawa (conductor) and Kanae Kushima (MC, soprano).


Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara

[including tax]

Adults: 1,000 yen/Students: Free


Those interested in music education, or students (high school or older)