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24Orchestra Concert (indoor)
PMF Orchestra Concert Program B- All Bernstein Program -

Leonard Bernstein (PMF 1990) Leonard Bernstein (PMF 1990)

Edwin Outwater Edwin Outwater

Midori ©Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Midori ©Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Andrew Tyson ©Sophie Zhai Andrew Tyson ©Sophie Zhai


July 21 (Sat), 2018


17:00 (doors open at 16:30)


◆Bernstein: Fancy Freefree_samples_en.gif
  Enter three Sailors. Very fast four
  Scene at the Bar. Poco meno mosso
  Enter two Girls. Fast and hot
  Pas de deux. Very slowly
  Variation I (Galop)
  Variation II (Waltz)
  Variation III (Danzon)

◆Bernstein: Serenade after Plato’s "Symposium" *free_samples_en.gif
  Phaedrus: Pausanias [Lento-Allegro]
  Aristophanes [Allegretto]
  Eryximachus [Presto]
  Agathon [Adagio]
  Socrates: Alcibiades
   [Molto tenuto-Allegro molto vivace]

 - Intermission -

◆Bernstein: Symphony No. 2 "The Age of Anxiety" **free_samples_en.gif
  〈Part I〉
  The Prologue
The Seven Ages
  The Seven Stages
  〈Part II〉
he Dirge (Largo)
  The Masque (Extremely fast)
  The Epilogue

   (L'istesso tempo-Adagio-Andante-Con moto)

- Duration: c. 2 hours (with intermission) -

Yen, incl. tax

*Sold out

S 7,000
A 6,000
B 5,000
C 4,000
U25 (B, C) 3,000

★Youth Wing Seats (U25): those with U25 seats can bring along 1 companion for free! (reservation is required)


*Program and artists are subject to change.
*Preschool-age children are not allowed inside the hall, but Kitara offers a childcare service (for a fee) on concert days. Advance reservations are required; mention your reservation at the reception desk on the day of the concert.
Pacific Music Festival Organizing Committee

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