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3Music Education & Outreach
Dream lessons with the musicians of the Berlin Phil!
PMF Open Master Class II- Trumpet / Trombone -


July 7 (Sat), 2018


17:00 (doors open at 16:30)


Members of the PMF BERLIN
 Tamás Velenczei, trumpet (coaching)
 Jesper Busk Sørensen, trombone (coaching)
Ami Fukunaga, trumpet (second year music major at Sapporo Otani University)
Rikiya Sanbongi, piano
Masaya Shirota, trombone (reseach student at Sapporo Otani University)
Miharu Mana, piano
Chikako Shibata, interpreter/MC


17:00~18:00 Masterclass: Trumpet
 First movement from Trumpet Concerto in E-flat major
 L. Mozart
 First movement from Trumpet concerto in D major
 Tamás Velenczei, trumpet (coaching)
 Ami Fukunaga, trumpet
 Rikiya Sanbongi, piano
18:10~19:10 Masterclass: Trombone
 ◆Derek Bourgeois:
 Trombone Concerto, Op. 114
 Jesper Busk Sørensen, trombone (coaching)
 Masaya Shirota, trombone
 Miharu Mana, piano
 - Duration: c. 2 hours & 10 minutes (with intermission) -
*Please note that this clinic is not in concert format; it presents the opportunity to observe PMF faculty as they teach students onstage.

Yen, incl. tax

Tickets will be available starting at 16:00.

Non-designated seat: 1,000
U25: 500


*Program and artists are subject to change.
Pacific Music Festival Organizing Committee

[Attendees] 55

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