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Precautions regarding automatic translation

This is an automatic translation service for the PMF official website. Please bear the following precautions in mind.

1 This service translates text within the site. Please understand that the following parts of the site cannot be automatically translated.

  • “PMF Online Service” (available in Japanese only)
  • Non-HTML files
  • Graphics and flash files
  • Some parts with scripting language display
  • Pages using external style sheets
  • Pages using SSL or other protection
  • Other sites linked to from the PMF site

2 As this translation is automatic, it may contain imprecise or even incorrect information. Please contact the PMF Organizing Committee with any inquiries you may have.

3 Translated pages may display more slowly than the original site.

4 To return to the English (or Japanese) site, click either "Show original" or "Close (×)" in the Google Translate bar near the top of the browser window.