The deadline for PMF 2018 Academy auditions, all of which are taking place via our online portal site, has now passed.

Altogether, there are 1190 applicants, from 66 countries and regions around the world.

Orchestra Academy

The total number of applicants for this year's Orchestra Academy is 1107, from 65 countries and regions. This represents an increase of 58 people compared to last year. The overall competitive ratio is roughly 1/12.

Looking at individual instruments, flute, trombone, tuba, and harp are especially competitive this year, each with a competitive ratio higher than 1/20. Trumpet applicants increased significantly, with almost twice as many as last year.

As for applicants' nationalities, as with last year, the largest number of applications was from the United States, followed by Japan, then Korea. There were also increased numbers of applicants from European countries.

Vocal Academy

The total number of applicants to the Vocal Academy is 25, from 10 countries. The largest number of applications was from Japan, followed by China. The competitive ratio is 1/6.


All applicants will receive notification by email of audition results by March.