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PMF 2019 Official Program booklets

The 3rd consecutive "PMF BOOK" program booklet both traces PMF's path to this point and looks toward the future. With messages from each Academy member, essays by music writers, and much more, enjoy lots of high-quality content even beyond concert details.
Sure to satisfy fans, this program booklet also serves as a great general introduction to PMF itself!

B5-size, 160 pages (in both color and black & white)
1,000 yen (including tax)

PMF 2019 Official Program booklets
PMF 2019 Official Program booklets

PMF 2019 T-shirts

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of PMF's founding, 2019 features two different T-shirt designs, in two colors!
The 4th in a series of well-loved designs by Sapporo-based Yusuke Momma, the front designs are entirely hand-drawn.
Though T-shirt production numbers were increased each of the past 3 years, they have consistently sold out; order yours early this year, while supplies last!

PMF 2019 T-shirtsPMF 2019 T-shirts

Momma Yusuke

From the designer

  • violin and horn
    I made use of the forms of 2 of the core instruments that bring an orchestra to mind: violin and horn. The anniversary "30" is presented with a pop feel.
  • 7 lucky deities of Japanese folklore
    I enjoyed this one! Based on the 7 lucky deities of Japanese folklore, it is my hope that these 'lucky 7' will bring continued success to PMF.

*Colors: Royal Blue, Charcoal Black

Past Goods

PMF2018 Original T-shirts


PMF 2018 Official Goods

  • PMF 2018 Official Goods
    PMF 2018 Official Programs
    500 yen (tax included) - in stock
    The 2nd "PMF BOOK" program booklet, this is a must-have for fans, with improved design both inside and out. 2018 was the Bernstein centennial, and Bernstein is featured strongly in this "special book for a special year."
    Also serves as a great introduction to PMF!
  • PMF 2018 T-shirts
    PMF 2018 T-shirts
    Sizes: S, M, L, XL
    1000 yen (tax included) Sold out
    The 3rd in a highly popular series of designs by Yusuke Momma, the 2018 T-shirt commemorates the Leonard Bernstein centennial, paying homage to Bernstein's lifelong love of music and people with an ivy motif, symbolizing eternal love and prosperity.

PMF 2017 Official Goods

  • PMF 2017 Official Program
    PMF 2017 Official Program
    500 yen (tax included) Sold out
    The new-and-improved design and content of the programs not only introduces the performances and artists, but also includes essays and other readings that will enrich your understanding of the festival. A must-have!
  • PMF 2017 Original T-shirts
    PMF 2017 T-shirts
    Sizes: S, M, L, XL
    1,000 yen (tax included) Sold out
    The design is centered on the violin, an instrument at the heart of both the festival and of classical music itself. The 2nd in a series of designs by Sapporo-based graphic designer Yusuke Momma. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor occasions!

PMF 2016 Official Goods

  • PMF 2016 Original T-shirts
    PMF 2016 Original T-shirts
    Size: S, M, L, XL
    1,000 yen (tax included) Sold out
    Casual wear with a stylish design by Sapporo-based graphic designer Mr. Yusuke Momma. Perfect attire for an outdoor concert!


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