Concertmasters and principal players from the major orchestras of the United States come together as the American faculty of PMF – “PMF AMERICA” – representing an orchestral culture that has come to rival that of Europe and that shines brightly on the world stage. The international PMF Academy receives a kind of educational experience only possible at PMF, learning high-level craft from these world-class artists, in whose footsteps Academy members aspire to follow on their path toward becoming professional musicians themselves. In addition to their teaching responsibilities, PMF AMERICA faculty musicians also perform chamber concerts, captivating audiences every year. Some among them were even Academy members themselves, returning now to instruct the next generation.
Nurit Bar-Josef, violin / National Symphony Orchestra
Stephen Rose, violin / Cleveland Orchestra
Daniel Foster, viola / National Symphony Orchestra
Rafael Figueroa, cello / Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Alexander Hanna, double bass / Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Denis Bouriakov, flute / Los Angeles Philharmonic
Dwight Parry, oboe / Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Stephen Williamson, clarinet / Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Daniel Matsukawa, bassoon / Philadelphia Orchestra
Andrew Bain, horn / Los Angeles Philharmonic
Mark J. Inouye, trumpet / San Francisco Symphony
Timothy Higgins, trombone / San Francisco Symphony
Joseph Pereira, timpani / Los Angeles Philharmonic

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