The HBC Junior Orchestra was founded by Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd (HBC) in 1964. Currently, nearly 80 members from 9 to 18 years of age study and perform under Resident Conductor Hiromitsu Abe, professor emeritus at Hokkaido University of Education. Aside from their concert tours throughout Hokkaido, the orchestra holds a “Summer Concert” each year (this year on August 9). They have toured overseas 6 times, performing 4 concerts at the Musikverein Wien (home of the Vienna Philharmonic, known for the Vienna Phil New Year’s Concerts) in 2001, ‘07, ‘12, and ‘18. The HBC Junior Orchestra has produced a number of musicians who are active both in Japan and abroad, receiving acclaim both for this history and its ongoing activities. The orchestra has received several awards, including the Hokkaido Cultural Award, the Sapporo Cultural Encouragement Award, the Regional Person of Cultural Merit Award, and more.
This is their second appearance at PMF since they performed at the Picnic Concert in 2011.

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