Founded in 1961 and celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2021.  As the only professional orchestra in Hokkaido, with a nickname of “Sakkyo,” and its clear sound and powerful expression, the orchestra is gaining a high popularity that suits the vast land of Hokkaido.  With the current Chief Conductor Matthias Bamert inaugurated in April 2018 and with the Honorary Music Director, Tadaaki Otaka, who has been the conductor of the orchestra for the past 22 years, Friendly Conductor, Junichi Hirokami and Resident Conductor, Kentaro Kawase, the orchestra searches for the further enrichment and development.  With concertmasters, the orchestra holds 74 members as of April 2022, and its concerts count up to 120 annually within and outside Hokkaido.  As for the oversea tours, the orchestra made the Europe Tour in 2011, celebrating its 50th anniversary; and visited 5 cities in Taiwan in 2015.  Sapporo Symphony Orchestra aims to become the orchestra loved by the people of Hokkaido and will continue to express its musicianship towards the globe.

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