Masanori Kato graduated as valedictorian from the Department of Composition of the Tokyo University of the Arts and completed his post-graduate studies at the same university. His wide-ranging works include operas, orchestral, vocal, and choral music, and he has written for many soloists. He is also acclaimed as a collaborative pianist. His creative arrangements are steadily held in high regard, including his choral arrangement of the "NHK 2020 Support Song" Paprika.
Kato has drawn attention with his varied production work as well, presenting concerts and lectures on classical music from unique perspectives, such as his "Ginza Buratto Concert Café Series" (planning and piano) at Oji Hall and "The World of Benjamin Britten" (planning and production) at the Spring Festival in Tokyo. Since 2016 he has hosted the NHK-FM radio program "Keyboard no Tsubasa." He is Resident Producer of the Nagano City Arts Center since 2019, and Music Ambassador of the Hirashin Hiratsuka Culture and Art Hall since 2022.
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