Bernstein's vision, bearing fruit in Hokkaido's natural beauty

PMF Designated
a Hokkaido Cultural Heritage

Among the many treasured resources unique to Hokkaido, a select few deemed of special importance are bestowed with the title "Hokkaido Cultural Heritage," ensuring that they are passed on to following generations. In November of 2018, PMF, the "educational music festival, both rooted in Hokkaido's rich natural beauty and presenting on the world stage," was designated as a Hokkaido Cultural Heritage.

The PMF Picnic Concert not only represents the origins of the festival, but has gone on to become a symbol of Summer itself in Sapporo, taking place at the Sapporo Art Park, where the spirit of the festival's founder Leonard Bernstein looms large, bringing music, people, and Hokkaido's natural beauty together every summer since 1990.

We will strive to continue presenting a festival worthy of such a designation.


Dear Lenny,

We're writing
to tell you some very good news.

Your Pacific Music Festival has been designated an intangible Hokkaido Cultural Heritage!

We are thankful to you from the bottom of our hearts: for choosing Hokkaido,
for coming here to Sapporo in the summer of 1990, in the last part of your life,
and for founding PMF here. The festival has existed in synthesis with this rich natural environment ever since,
and PMF fans always look toward the next "summer of music" with loving anticipation.

Time passes, seasons change, and now we find ourselves in the 21st century - a very different era. But your vision of educating young musicians around the globe, with 3 music festivals based in America, Europe, and Asia,
is still going strong to this day.

Thanks to the generous, longstanding support of PMF fans (so many you just wouldn't believe it!) and sponsors across the years, PMF will this summer be able to celebrate its 30th anniversary. And we will continue to strive toward realizing your vision of peace through music education for the talented next generation of musicians, on into the future.

Please keep an eye on us!

photo:pen and letter

Hokkaido Heritage