For both the orchestra and coffee,
blend is everything

PMF Blend "LB Special"

A collaboration between Marumi Coffee and PMF! This year's PMF Orchestra is comprised of young musicians from 22 countries and regions, selected through auditions. Overcoming linguistic and cultural differences, they join together in a unity of sound. This image is what inspired Eijiro Goto, barista and owner of Marumi Coffee, to create the PMF Blend.

Goto was ranked as the No. 3 coffee taster in the world, and then as the No. 1 roaster in Japan. His PMF Blend "LB Special," honoring the centennial of PMF-founder Leonard Bernstein, is available this season, for a limited time only.

For both coffee and the orchestra, blend is everything. Enjoy the PMF Blend once again this summer!

Eijiro Goto
PMF Blend

PMF Blend "LB Special" tasting profile

A rich aroma and a deep yet mellow flavor, in a satisfying harmony inspired by the PMF Orchestra.

tasting profile
tasting profile

Sales Information

Available through Friday, August 31, 2018, at the following shops in Sapporo:
Marumi Coffee, Odori Park
Marumi Coffee, Odori Park Tel: 011-207-1103
Marumi Coffee Stand, Nakajima Park
Marumi Coffee Stand, Nakajima Park Tel: 011-513-8338
Marumi Coffee (beans retailer), Marui-Imai, B2
Marumi Coffee (beans retailer), Marui-Imai, B2 Tel: 011-205-2074
Marumi Coffee, sitatte Sapporo
Marumi Coffee, sitatte Sapporo Tel: 011-596-7133

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