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PMF 2022 Digital Contents Enjoy a wide ranging video lineup!

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PMF 2022
Concert Highlights

With a spotlight on 2 orchestra concerts and 1 chamber concert from PMF 2022, enjoy select highlights from each coming together with artist interviews and more! Immerse yourself in the best of PMF 2022 from the best seat in your home!

[c. 2 hours 10 minutes STEREO]

Streaming period: Oct. 1 at 10:00am Japan Time (JST) – Oct. 31 at 23:59 JST
Purchase period: Oct. 1 at 10:00am JST – Oct. 31 at 20:00 JST
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Concert No. 1

PMF 2022
Opening Concert

(Recorded: July 16, 2022 | Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara)

For the first time since 2019, this year’s festival featured performers from all around the world. Experience the top-class international artistry of the dynamic opening of PMF 2022!


  • Ken-David Masur, conductor
  • PMF Orchestra
photo: Tomoki Kitamura

Instead of 3 soloists there is functionally 1 instrument called a ‘piano trio,’ and the experience is completely different from performing as a lone soloist.

◆Beethoven: Concerto for violin, cello, and piano in C major, Op. 56

I. Allegro

  • Mayumi Kanagawa, violin / Michiaki Ueno, cello / Tomoki Kitamura, piano

Three outstanding young artists, already establishing themselves on the world stage, perform together for the first time at PMF! Feel the resplendent power of the piano trio and the orchestra coming together!

photo: concert
photo: ケン=デイヴィッド・マズア

Silvestrov’s piece reminds us that our lives are feeble, but at the same time the music is left behind to help us find the hope to get through.

◆Silvestrov: Hymn – 2001

The Japan premiere of Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov’s string-orchestra piece "Hymn – 2001," with its scattered, delicate tones being woven into one, soaring together to the heavens.

photo: concert

◆Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 5 in D major Op. 107 "Reformation"

I. Andante – Allegro con fuoco
IV. Andante con moto – Allegro vivace

PMF Guest Conductor Ken-David Masur described this Mendelssohn masterpiece as being "about the fire of truth and hope, and honesty and authenticity... trying to be free." Here enjoy the solemn 1st movement and the liberating 4th movement with its hymn theme.

photo: concert

Concert No. 2

PMF Ensemble Selection

(Recorded: July 19, 2022 | Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara)

A number of virtuosos came together at PMF 2022, and this concert offers the opportunity to hear them up close, in a more intimate setting than the orchestra. Enjoy their chamber performances, along with interviews!

photo: piaNA (Natsuki Nishimoto & Asuka Sakuma)

Her accompaniment makes my work with the melodies so fun. It’s like I’m riding a Segway.
To tell the truth though, I’ve never actually ridden a Segway😉

◆Kapustin: Paraphrase on Dizzy Gillespie's "MANTECA," Op. 129

  • piaNA (Natsuki Nishimoto & Asuka Sakuma, piano)

Originally for 2 pianos, here this work is performed by both players standing at a single piano, creating a high-intensity style – its fast tempo and jazzy feel are exhilarating!

photo: concert

◆Saint-Saëns: Romance in C major, Op. 48

  • Rainer Küchl, violin / Hiroshi Kato, piano

Rainer Küchl gives a sonorous song-like performance of Saint-Saëns’ characteristically seamless melodic flow.

photo: concert
photo: Mayumi Kanagawa / Michiaki Ueno / Tomoki Kitamura

- This is the piece that allowed us to really open up.
- Every time I happened to look at Michiaki (Ueno), he was grinning!

◆Brahms: Piano Trio No. 1 in B major, Op. 8 (1889 ver.)

I. Allegro con brio – Tranquillo – In tempo ma sempre sostenuto

  • Mayumi Kanagawa, violin / Michiaki Ueno, cello / Tomoki Kitamura, piano

The 3 soloists whose virtuosity was on display in the triple concerto now show the depth of their connection, via chamber music. Brahms’ profound, warm harmonies go straight to the heart.

photo: concert

Concert No. 3

PMF GALA Concert

(Recorded: July 31, 2022 | Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara)

The GALA Concert is the celebratory final PMF concert in Sapporo, held every year. At PMF 2022, with the “young maestro” Lahav Shani as Principal Conductor, the sold-out audience was captivated by the performances of these highly talented artists.


  • Lahav Shani, conductor
  • PMF Orchestra
photo: 小曽根真

Just now in rehearsal [Shani] said, “Makoto will not play exactly the same way in performance as he did in rehearsal. So you have to really think and feel as you play.”

◆Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 3 in C major, Op. 26

I. Andante – Allegro (excerpt)
II. Tema con variazioni (excerpt)
III. Allegro ma non troppo

  • Makoto Ozone, piano

This is the piece that opened Makoto Ozone's eyes to classical music. Shani, also a pianist himself, holds together the delicate balance of elements with Ozone and the PMF Orchestra.

photo: concert
photo: Lahav Shani

Genius pieces like Brahms’ Symphony – there is no end to how much you can discover there. You need a whole lifetime to discover more things.

◆Brahms: Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 73

II. Adagio non troppo – L'istesso tempo, ma grazioso
IV. Allegro con spirito

Undoubtedly among the most memorable performances of PMF 2022, enjoy the endless depth of the pastoral 2nd movement and the surging energy of the finale!

photo: concert