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Video and photos looking back on PMF 2015

PMF 2015 was highlighted in a program called Sarah's Music hosted by Sarah Willis, who is a member of the Berliner Philharmoniker and attended the festival as a faculty member of PMF EUROPE. The 12-minute program produced by German broadcaster Deutsche Welle features scenes from the well-attended concert in Odori Park and highlights from the first half of the event such as behind-the-scenes footage taken during breaks from practice. Don't miss it!

Video and photos looking back on PMF 2015
Sarah's Music
Photo Gallery Now available!
PMF On Demand Free concert video and audio until October 31 (Sat)

PMF to be aired nationwide on NHK-FM “Best of Classic”

PMF to be aired nationwide on NHK-FM Best of Classic

NHK-FM's “Best of Classic” is an established classical music program promoting enjoyment of high-quality concerts worldwide. PMF Orchestra Concert Program C (Part II of the PMF GALA Concert) at Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara on August 1 (Sat) will be aired nationwide on the program.
This concert featured the Japan debut of Dmitry Masleev, first prize winner of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition (piano) in his first performance of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2: a memorable occasion, to be sure!
Enjoy the fresh sounds of young musicians from around the world under Artistic Director Valery Gergiev. Music of this caliber is exclusive to PMF in its role as a distinctive educational music festival.

NHK-FM Best of Classic October 15 (Thu) 19:30-21:10/Performers:Valery Gergiev, conductor Dmitry Masleev, piano PMF AMERICA (faculty) PMF Orchestra (78 members from 23 countries/regions around the world)/Program: Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor Op. 18* Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10 in e minor Op. 93/*Broadcast date and time subject to change

Artistic Director Valery Gergiev's goals for PMF

This season, Valery Gergiev assumed the position of the sixth Artistic Director and led the PMF Orchestra. At a press conference on August 2 (Sun) in Sapporo, he shared his thoughts on PMF and his future vision for the festival. Below is a summary of what was said at the conference.

Artistic Director Valery Gergiev
PMF and Sapporo PMF is a music festival that transcends the boundaries of Hokkaido and Japan and has significant importance in Asia. I respect the history of this event, which was founded by Leonard Bernstein. The host city of Sapporo makes quite an impression on me every time I come here. It appeals to me, and I think of it as a very important place. As a venue, Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara is just wonderful. Its acoustics give the sound a luminescent quality. Gaining experience in this environment helps Academy members to develop confidence and grow as musicians./What is your focus in teaching Academy members? For a person studying music, the composer is the ultimate teacher. My role as a musician with more experience than Academy members is to help them to approach the composer's vision. By way of example, in this year's program I focused on ensuring that Academy members properly understood the hidden inner strength at the heart of Shostakovich's vision, rather than concentrating only on instrumental skill and technique./Future vision I firmly believe that PMF is top-class among the music festivals of the world. My fundamental role is to develop the event while preserving the outstanding parts of it that have been cultivated throughout its history. We're currently discussing how to make it an event whose performances are enjoyed around the world and whose reputation grows to attract more and more people, rather than simply being a music festival.
 World Voice vol.1 comments from PMF graduates presently on the world stage

Around 3,200 young musicians from 74 countries and regions of the world have attended PMF. This is an opportunity for PMF graduates to share their thoughts on the festival's past, present and future.

Jacob Nissly, percussion (PMF 2004, 05)
Principal Percussionist
San Francisco Symphony
Jacob Nissly
Past What was your impression of PMF when you passed the audition and attended the event as an Academy member, and what do you remember the most about your time at PMF?
My strongest memory is from 2004 performing the snare drum part to Shostakovich 11 with Valery Gergiev. I remember the orchestra came together so well at our performances in Kitara and Suntory Hall.
Present A quarter-century after the founding of PMF in 1990, there are around 3,200 alumni worldwide. What impact does PMF have on your current musical life?
PMF was not only my first time playing in a world-class orchestra, but it was also my first time leaving America. Not only do my musical experiences from those two summers (2004 and 2005) stick with me, but I now have friends all over the world as a result. Just last week my orchestra was on tour in Berlin and I ran into another PMF alumnus that I had not seen since 2004.
Future PMF will continue to foster young musicians and offer the inspirational power of music to a broad, global audience, inheriting founder Leonard Bernstein's vision, contributing to the classical music culture of the world, and thereby to world peace. What kind of festival would you like to see it become?
I hope that PMF continues to strive for the same artistic excellence that it has always represented while concurrently encouraging young musicians from a variety of backgrounds to come together in a short amount of time. Music is a great antidote for language barriers.

Jacob Nissly
Jacob Nissly is the Principal Percussionist of the San Francisco Symphony. Prior to his appointment in San Francisco, Nissly was the Principal Percussionist of the Cleveland Orchestra and of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. He has performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Metropolitan Opera, and Houston Symphony. Nissly was an adjunct Professor of Percussion at the Eastman School of Music from 2011-2015. Nissly has taught classes at The Juilliard School, University of Michigan, Indiana University, Northwestern University, Cleveland Institute of Music, and the Verbier Music Camp. He attended in PMF in 2004 and 2005.

Other interests Marathon Running, Reading, Enjoying the beauty of the Bay Area

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