PMF Founded by Leonard BernsteinPMF MUSIC PARTNER January 2015 vol. 3

PMF’s Three Main Orchestral Programs

PMF 2015, the 26th implementation since its founding in 1990, will feature Valery Gergiev as Artistic Director and mark the beginning of its path into a new quarter century. This is an introduction to the PMF Orchestra programs adorning the first season on that path.
This year once again, a wide variety of programs will be presented, including Program A, studded with well-known music from various parts of Europe, spanning across Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, Program B, with two symphonies allowing the stylistic evolution from the Classical era to the Romantic era to be experienced directly, and Program C, combining Beethoven’s majestic “Emperor” concerto with a masterpiece by Shostakovich − a specialty of Gergiev’s.

ProgramA Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Op. 61/Mahler:Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen/Dvořák:Symphony No. 7 in d minor Op. 70 Program B  Mozart:Symphony No. 34 in C major K. 338/Bruckner:Symphony No. 4 in E-flat major “Romantic” Principal Conductor David Zinman © Tom Haller Program C Beethoven:Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major Op. 73 “Emperor”/Shostakovich:Symphony No. 10 in e minor Op. 93 Artistic Director Valery Gergiev © Marco Borggreve
NAXOS MUSIC LIBRARY PMF, in partnership with the “Naxos Music Library” − operated by NAXOS, a classical music label boasting the largest repertoire in the world − will provide a listening service with highlights from music to be performed on PMF Orchestra programs.
The Naxos Music Library’s Special PMF 2015 Page
State of the PMF2014 GALA concert

A Call for Members: PMF 2015 Friends


PMF Friends is a supporting-members’ system with the goal of supporting the work of fostering the next generation of young musicians. Many benefits are available to those who join PMF Friends, starting with advance reservations and discounts on concert tickets.
Why not share in the unique sensation of the youthfully vibrant PMF Orchestra’s fresh sound, resonant with hope, passion, and inspiration?
The PMF Friends “My Seat” and “Tour S Seat” ticket sets − highly popular in previous years − will be offered this year as well. They’re worth investigating; significant discounts are included!

PMF-supporting member group “PMF Friends”
New to PMF?

Enjoying PMF!

The official PMF website was given a complete renewal last Spring. Have you had a chance to see the “New to PMF?” page yet?
For example, a discussion on when to applaud is included in the “Enjoying PMF! ~During the Concert~” section, and 3 different ways to choose seats, based on enjoying different aspects of the hall, are introduced in “Tips on Seat Selection.”
Whether you are new to PMF or are a long-standing fan, new discoveries may await you. Please visit our site whenever you are considering concert tickets, and discover new ways to enjoy PMF!

New to PMF?

Bernstein Place: Seasons Series 〜Silvery Snow〜

Half a year has now passed since Bernstein Place, the new symbol of PMF, was established. Seasons change, and the Leonard Bernstein Statue currently shines in the silvery snow.
Nakajima Park is now softly blanketed with snow. Children can be seen cross-country skiing and sledding on the park grounds.
In this, the second in the series, we bring you the snowy visage of Bernstein Place.

Bernstein Place photos
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