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♪ Sample the Classics!

Classical music often turns out to be unexpectedly familiar, even to those who have never intently listened to it, as it tends to be used in various forms of background music, in films and more. And even listening for the first time, you might be surprised at the melodies that stick in your head instantly.
A wide selection of music is performed at PMF each year, and this page features introductions to a small selection of pieces scheduled to be performed at PMF 2016. We hope that you'll find something here that piques your interest, and that you'll come and experience the music live!

The Classics: Orchestral Masterpieces


Symphony No. 4 in A minor Op. 90 “Italian”
- first movement Mendelssohn

It is said that Felix Mendelssohn, a 19th century German composer known for his “Midsummer Night's Dream” suite and his Violin Concerto, to name a few, was inspired to write his 4th symphony while travelling in Italy. The bright, lyrical first movement is certain to lift your spirits. Hats off to Mendelssohn for being able to compose such a masterpiece while still in his early twenties!

This piece will be featured on
PMF Orchestra Concert in Chitose (Thursday, August 4)
PMF GALA Concert (Saturday, August 6)
Picnic Concert (Sunday, August 7)
PMF Orchestra Concert in Hakodate (Monday, August 8)
PMF Orchestra Concert in Tokyo (Tuesday, August 9)


Carmen Suite No. 1 - Les Toréadors (“The Bullfighters”) Bizet

This suite is made up of famous scenes from French composer Georges Bizet's comic opera “Carmen.” Among them, “Les Toréadors” can be considered most representative of the opera; this lively march will almost certainly be familiar to you.

This piece will be featured on
The Bernstein Legacy Concert (Wednesday, July 27)


Night on Bald Mountain (original version) Mussorgsky

The inspiration for Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky to compose this music came from the folklore surrounding the eve of St. John's Day (the summer solstice). Rimsky-Korsakov's arrangement is more often performed, but the rough-hewn and powerful sound of the original is completely different and fascinating. You may even feel the evil spirits of rivers and mountains appearing before you....
The sample available here is from the opening; come hear the entire piece in concert!

This piece will be featured on
PMF Orchestra Concert [Program B] (Saturday, July 30)
PMF Orchestra Concert [Program B] (Sunday, July 31)

The performance on Sunday, July 31 is an opportunity to see a member of the Conducting Academy lead the PMF orchestra!


Jupiter from the “Planets” suite Holst

This music, familiar from its frequent use in various forms of background music, is the basis of the PMF Song ~Jupiter~, arranged by Karen Tanaka and with lyrics by Shoichi Inoue. The audience can sing along with this original PMF Song.

This piece will be featured on
PMF GALA Concert (Saturday, August 6)
Picnic Concert (Sunday, August 7)

Through the cooperation of the Naxos Music Library, samples of music to be performed at PMF 2016 are available online. Please see each concert page for more details

※The recordings available at the Naxos Music Library feature different musicians from those at PMF 2016.