A first at PMF!

A Leonard Bernstein snow sculpture at the SAPPORO SNOW FESTIVAL

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of PMF-founder Leonard Bernstein's birth. Many special projects honoring Bernstein are planned for PMF 2018, which takes place in July, but the first among them is scheduled to take place in February, at Sapporo's largest annual winter event; a Bernstein-themed snow sculpture titled "Pacific Music Festival -founded by Bernstein-" will appear at the Sapporo Snow Festival!

A stage will be built in front of the sculpture, on which various events will be held each day during the 8-day festival, starting with the announcement of the PMF 2018 Outline. Event-detail updates will be posted online!

The 69th Sapporo Snow Festival will be held from February 5 to 12!
The Sapporo Snow Festival has come to a close. Our sincere thanks to all who attended!

Snow Sculpture Design

[Pacific Music Festival
-founded by Leonard Bernstein-]

Snow Sculpture Design

<Original Draft>


*At scale, these penguins are 100 centimeters (39 inches) tall - roughly the same height as a 4-year-old child.



Odori Nishi 5 Chome (east) Fureai Art Square, Chuo-ku, Sapporo


Take the Tōzai Subway Line, the Nanboku Line, or the Tōhō Line, to Odori Station (Exit #2), walk 4 min.

The Construction Phase

Construction begins.
January 7 Construction begins. First, scaffolding is set up, and basic preparations are made.
The sculpting begins.
January 18 The snow is packed, and the sculpting begins. It's beginning to take shape!
Detail work on the angels around Bernstein.
January 26 In spite of a cold snap and heavy snow, detail work on the angels around Bernstein is progressing smoothly!
Almost finished!
January 31 Almost finished!

*See this page for general information on snow-sculpture construction.

PMF 2018 Outline Announcement Event

-Happy 100th Birthday, Lenny!-

February 5 (Mon) 14:00-14:30

Artistic Director Valery Gergiev
Artistic Director
Valery Gergiev
Principal Conductor John Axelrod
Principal Conductor
John Axelrod

A fanfare will sound from the Bernstein Snow Sculpture stage! Timed to begin with the Sapporo Snow Festival, the curtain will open on the PMF 2018 season! The outline of this year's festival, which takes place in the 100th year since Bernstein's birth, will be announced along with concert highlights and more. And all who attend will receive a small, warm gift!

MC: Tomoko Takashima
MC: Tomoko Takashima
Guest MC: Alena
Guest MC: Alena
(Russian/Japanese interpreter & instructor)


  • Fanfare
    Tadashi Sakurai, trumpet / PMF 1990 Alumnus
    Asuka Nagayoshi, trumpet
    Hinako Tanahashi, horn
    Chieko Shimizu, trombone
    Makiko Mikami, tuba
  • Host Greeting
    Fumio Ueda, Executive Advisor of Pacific Music Festival Organizing Committee
  • PMF 2018 Outline Announcement

PMF Stage Events

-Music Changes The World-

Four times a day from February 5 (Mon) to February 12 (Mon) at 17:15 / 18:00 / 19:00 / 20:00 [15 min each]

Learn of the desire for peace at the heart of Bernstein's founding of PMF and the path the festival has travelled ever since, with visuals and of course music, culminating in the performers and audience singing together in the PMF Song. Featuring young musicians active in Sapporo, including PMF alumni, along with vivid imagery projected onto the snow sculpture, this stage event is not to be missed!

image of stage
image of stage
image of stage

Creation & Production: Nobuo Fukami


Takahiro Shimotsuka, baritone / PMF 2010 alumnus
Takahiro Shimotsuka
baritone / PMF 2010 alumnus
Teppei Yasuda, tenor
Teppei Yasuda
Hiroyuki Konno, baritone
Hiroyuki Konno
Saya Kawashima, soprano
Saya Kawashima
Ayane Imai, soprano
Ayane Imai

Sapporo Otani University Choir

Hokkaido University Male Chorus

Program to include: PMF Song -Jupiter- (Holst, arr. Karen Tanaka / lyrics by Shoichi Inoue)

PMF 2018 Stage Event

PMF Quiz Events
A taste of summer at the Bernstein Snow Sculpture!
(Japanese only)

February 10 (Sat) / 11 (Sun) / 12 (Mon) 14:30-15:00

A quiz event will also be held on each of the final 3 days of the Snow Festival, with questions relating to PMF and music in general. Up to 5 participants will be selected each day. Couples and families are welcome to participate together!

MC: Tomoko Takashima
MC: Tomoko Takashima
Guest MC: [2/10, 11] Kaori Niioka, illustrator
Guest MC: [Feb. 10, 11] Kaori Niioka
[2/12] Alena
[Feb. 12] Alena
(Russian/Japanese interpreter & instructor)

Updates on event details will be posted here regularly.

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